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Fortification Detachment question


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Says restrictions on detachment are NONE. Does this mean I can mix faction keywords and still count the detachment as battleforged? If so, how would I determine which faction the Detachment was? I thought this in the FAQs somewhere, but I can't find it now.

For example:


Fortification Detachment:

TAU Gunrig (TAU EMPIRE, <Sept>)

Void Shield Generator (UNALIGNED)


Would this qualify as an UNALIGNED battleforged detachment, a TAU EMPIRE battleforged detachment, or is it not battleforged?

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Let’s play everyone’s favorite “parse the language” game! Yaaaay!


f a mission you are playing instructs you to select a Battle-forged army, it means that you must organise all the units in your army into Detachments.

BRB, p. 240[/quote]

This seems to indicate that the definition of “Battle-forged army” is an army that is only made up of Detachments. I don’t see any other qualifications or conditions.


Each Detachment may contain the following information:


Restrictions: This lists any restrictions that apply to the types of units you may include in the Detachment.

BRB, p. 240

Okay, so let’s look at the restrictions of the various Detachments. Nine specifically state that “[a]ll units must be from the same Faction.” The Auxiliary Support Detachment and Super-Heavy Auxiliary Detachment are both one model only. The Fortification Network says “Restrictions: None.” (BRB, p.243-45)

So, yes, it does seem you can have 1-3 Fortifications from 1-3 different Factions in it and still be Battle-forged. 

However, I don’t think it would count as having any Faction at all... 



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2 minutes ago, Ish said:

Let’s play everyone’s favorite “parse the language” game! Yaaaay!

I'm 100% positive it's in an FAQ somewhere, I just can't find it. Otherwise fielding UNALIGNED buildings would make your army no longer battleforged, as they must all share a faction keyword. 

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Ah, Thank you very much.

So, as I read it, taking a non-TAU fortification means making my Fortification detachment is non-Sept Battleforged. Which is bad, but also means I no longer have to tempt myself with Void Shield Generators or Skyshield Landing pads.

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