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40k Escalation League Week 5 mission, Enemy of my enemy

Dark Trainer

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Here is the week 5 mission in all its glory!


Mission URL: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1xznYw6eDwt2XHhAUqp6iZf2HUr1xrNiS3JNTcbvzudU


League week 5, Mission 5, Enemy of my enemy


It appears this planet from the warp was a trap! The enemy of all has used it as a bridge between realities. If you want to disrupt your opponent’s plans, kill their leaders. For each commander you slay, a portion of the enemy’s strategy crumbles away, until your forces sweep them aside. Your foe is well equipped, well-trained, battle-hardened. He believes his gods are on his side. Let him believe what he will. We have the tanks on ours.


Each player selects a 1250pt Battle-forged army with no more than 2 detachments.



Create a 6’x4’ table with proper 40k terrain density. The players place six objective markers, as detailed in the Tactical Objectives section of the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (pg 226).


DEPLOYMENT (one on one)


Use Search and destroy deployment (main rulebook pg 216). Players roll of, winner picks deployment zone. Their opponent uses the other deployment zone. The players then alternate deploying their units, one at a time, starting with the player who did not pick their deployment zone. A player’s models must be set up within their own deployment zone (unless special rules allow otherwise). Continue setting up units until both sides have set up their army.



Before match, each player may discard up to 6 of their Tactical Objectives or choose another if generated by rolling. Inform your opponent of your selection.



The player who finished setting up their army first can choose to take the first or second turn. If they decide to take the first turn, their opponent can roll a dice; on a roll of 6, they manage to seize the initiative, and they get the first turn instead!



At the start of a player’s turn, they must generate 3 Tactical Objectives (maximum of 6). Do not generate past 6 objectives.



Each CHARACTER slain, the controlling player must randomly select one of their active Tactical Objectives and discard it. If a Warlord is slain, the controlling player must instead randomly select D3 of their active Tactical Objectives and discard all of them.



The matched play rules for Sudden Death are not in use in this mission (pg 215 rulebook). You can win if tabled!



At the end of battle round 5, roll a D6. On a 3+, the game continues. At the end of battle round 6, roll a D6. On roll of 4+, the game continues. The battle automatically ends at the end of battle round 7.



At the end of the game, the player who has scored the most victory points is the winner. If both players have the same number of victory points, the game is a draw. Victory points are achieved for the following:

  • Objectives secured: At the end of the game, score the victory points earned from completing tactical objectives.

  • Slay the Warlord: If the enemy Warlord has been slain during the battle, you score 1 victory point.

  • First strike: You score 1 victory point if any units from your opponent’s army were destroyed during the first battle round.

  • Linebreaker: Score 1 victory point if any friendly units are within the enemy deployment zone.



  • Win = 5 points, Draw = 3 points, Loss = 1 point

  • Painting points:

    • Newly painted model (1pt per, 3pts max) OR unit/vehicle/monstrous creature? (5 pts, 5pts max)

  • Sportsmanship points:

    • Update your thread on the Ordo forums tracking your missions & progress +1pt

    • Did you bring food for the league? +1pt

    • Provide Matt (a.k.a. Dark Trainer) feedback about what you’d like to see in the league via PM +1

    • Did you laugh/grin during the match or crave a rematch? Yes or No


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Welp, I think I will be taking this. 

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Orks) [35 PL, 7CP, 652pts] ++

Clan Kultur: Deathskulls

Specialist Detachment [-1CP]: Dread Waaaagh!

+ HQ +

Big Mek W/ Shokk Attack Gun [4 PL, 80pts]: Big Killa Boss, Da Souped-up Shokka, Shokk Attack Gun, Warlord

Weirdboy [3 PL, 62pts]: 2. Warpath

+ Troops +

Boyz [11 PL, 202pts]: 2x Tankbusta Bombs
. Boss Nob: Killsaw, Kombi-Rokkit
. 24x Ork Boy W/ Slugga & Choppa

Gretchin [1 PL, 30pts]: 10x Gretchin

Gretchin [1 PL, 30pts]: 10x Gretchin

+ Elites +

Mad Dok Grotsnik [5 PL, 86pts]

+ Fast Attack +

Stormboyz [10 PL, 162pts]
. Boss Nob: Killsaw, Kombi-Rokkit
. 14x Stormboy

++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Orks) [30 PL, 5CP, 597pts] ++

Clan Kultur: Bad Moons

+ HQ +

Weirdboy [3 PL, 62pts]: 3. Da Jump

Big Mek (Index) [5 PL, 75pts]: Choppa, Kustom Force Field

+ Troops +

Gretchin [1 PL, 30pts]: 10x Gretchin

Gretchin [1 PL, 30pts]: 10x Gretchin

Boyz [7 PL, 145pts]: 2x Tankbusta Bombs
. Boss Nob: Big Choppa, Slugga
. 19x Ork Boy W/ Shoota

+ Heavy Support +

Lootas [13 PL, 255pts]: 15x Loota

++ Total: [65 PL, 12CP, 1249pts] ++


This seems fun. Not sure on the Mad Dok at this level due to size of the board... 

Edit; Changes were made. The Dok is good but not in this points level I feel

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