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40k Escalation League Week 6 mission, Sieze ground

Dark Trainer

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Week 6, here we go! This week will be an ITC style mission. If you and your opponent wish, you can choose to randomly select a maelstrom mission from the book or chapter approved if you prefer. That said, these next three missions will be like this to help people learn the ITC style for the March 9th event. We are keeping it simple, just following the primary objectives and a SINGLE secondary objective (again this is optional if you prefer to play just primary objectives). 

ITC Setup instructions and objectives: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1m0W6W5nvdk1HWJFVWrqFBHhzmZluaBNgN4CT_F7BnS4

Mission URL: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1NjzibZS_BbQ3tyZYwooazlkD_AKT6BXBw5mbROO3w_4



Having successfully disrupted the enemy communication, we are in a position to press forward!  You pride yourselves on your power, your Imperium of a million worlds. But heed my words, for we have roamed this galaxy much longer than you. You are callow infants. The Tyranids have spent millennia crossing the great expanses between galaxies; the Slann, before they departed, faced Chaos when the Eldar were young; the Necron have defied extinction and are awakening. Savor your victory here; it will be cold comfort when your time comes.

Scenario 1: Seize Ground

Game Style (Similar to ITC, follow primary objectives and pick only ONE secondary. Secondary is optional!)

Deployment: Random

6 objectives placed as shown:

Mission 1 Map.jpg

Seize Ground Bonus Point: If a player holds or contests 5 or more objectives at the end of their player turn, gain 1 point. For an objective to be contested, both players have models within 3” of it but neither controls it. This typically occurs because both players have an equal number of models within range of the objective and either none of them are Objective Secured, or all of them are.


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