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New Board Games and Models from GW!


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New Models, Games and Funko POP! at the New York Toy Fair


A new line-up of Warhammer board games are on their way, ready to enthral the next generation of gamers. Today, we’re unveiling them for the first time at the New York Toy Fair, alongside some exciting news on Warhammer 40,000 Funko POP! and the next seasons of Space Marine Heroes. Let’s start with the three new board games, designed for new gamers, and coming later this year to bookshops and selected stores.

Combat Arena

Combat Arena is a fast-paced miniatures combat game that pits you against your friends in lighting-quick bouts of tactical action. Set aboard an Imperial vessel, the game sees each player pick a hero and battle it out, mastering their distinct fighting styles and abilities to claim victory. Each of these champions is represented by a brand-new model from classic and fan-favourite units of yore such as the Crusader and Primaris Psyker – not to mention a new Rogue Trader!*


In fact, the set is a prequel to Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress, and that ancient structure has further perils in store for them – keep an eye out for them in an upcoming adventure pack…



The Mortal Realms are ripe for adventure – filled with hidden treasures to find, monsters to slay, and heroes in search of glory. Very soon, you’ll be able to embark on such an adventure yourself in a new cooperative game for 2-5 players. With optional difficulty levels, random events and each hero possessing their own distinct abilities, there are hours of replayability in this box.



Next, we’ve got Dreadfane – a Warhammer Underworlds game that offers a new twist on the ultimate competitive miniatures game. Designed to be perfect for beginners, you’ll be able to battle through a streamlined version of the game, balancing taking out your opponent with a host of hazards, like falling meteors, beams of magical energy and more. Each match promises to be a nail-biter right up until the last moment. And while both warbands will initially be exclusive to the set, we should see them available separately in the not too distant future.


While Dreadfane is aimed at newer players, veteran explorers of the Mirrored City will be able to pit their current warbands against the terrors of the Dreadfane. The set will also be the first place you can get two new Warhammer Underworlds warbands – Ironsoul’s Condemnors and Lady Harrow’s Mournflight. Each has their own cards and fighters and, once you’ve mastered Dreadfane, can be taken into the main game.


Warhammer 40,000 Funko POP!

The New York Toy Fair has also given fans their first look at the much-anticipated Warhammer 40,000 Funko POP! range in the flesh (figuratively speaking – they’re actually made of vinyl).** Ensconced in their cardboard drop pods, they’re ready to assault your shelves very soon – don’t they look nice?


Space Marine Heroes: Season 2

After the success of Space Marine Heroes: Season 1 across the world, we’re very excited to announce that Season 2 will be arriving on shelves near you shortly! Currently only available in Japan, this wave of Space Marine Heroes features some incredible Terminator models and will soon be making their way to other parts of the world.


Space Marine Heroes: Season 3

Meanwhile, in Japan, Space Marine Heroes: Season 3 has been confirmed. We’ve had Ultramarines Tactical Marines, Blood Angels Terminators – who knows what the third wave could bring?


That’s all from the New York Toy Fair! We’ll have more news on all of the above soon, with further details on when and where you’ll be able to get your hands on them – in the meantime, let us know what you’re most excited about on the Warhammer 40,000, Warhammer Age of Sigmar and Warhammer Underworlds Facebook pages!

* Typical – you wait decades for a new Rogue Trader model, and three come along at once…
** While a Funko POP! made of flesh would be appropriately grimdark, it turned out to be somewhat impractical in the planning stages.

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2 hours ago, pretre said:

That could be the tagline for practically every board game GW put's out.

Shadespire, Silver Tower, and Blackstone Fortress are the big exceptions I can think of, but fair point. This one just feels like it's hitting an extreme in both the "not caring about the game" and "needing the Models" departments, which I don't think any of the others have done. They've all been either "don't care at all about the game, the Models are OK", or "game looks OK, Models are fantastic."

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