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Testing the waters: Army Swap, my Genestealer Cults, your Xenos


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Per the title, I'm considering trying to trade out my Genestealer Cults stuff for a different Xenos army. It's tough, I loooove the models, and the army rules are great, but the army is a bit "horde"-ish for my tastes, and I really only play 40k once in a great while against my brothers, so looking for something more straight forward. The army is:

1 Patriarch
2 Magus
2 Primus (1 on sprue)
1 Abominant 
1 Jackal Alphus
32 Acolyte Hybrids (2 on sprue) - 4 Rock Saws, 2 banners
48 Neophyte Hybrids (11 on sprue) - Autoguns, 4 heavy stubbers, 4 grenade launchers, 2 mining lasers
20 Aberants (10 picks, 3 Hypermorphs with signs, 7 Hammers... or something like that, I can get an exact count)
8 Purestrain Genestealers (on 32mm bases)
1 Rockgrinder / Truck (on sprue)
Codex (includes tokens, punched)

Army is assembled, with the exceptions noted, and about 1/2 the models have sand glued on their bases. Army is grey plastic, except for a single Acolyte, which was is partially painted.

There are a tons of bits on sprue as well. The above contains a "Deathwatch: Overkill" set mixed in, which were single pose, but outside of those I have the bits for them, with the exception of some Rock Drills and Metamorph bits from the Acolyte kits, which were traded. 

I also have a converted Nexos and Clamavus, as well as Kill Team cards/tokens from the starter set, and a set of Kill Team dice. These are not figured into the overall retail value of the army (~$930), but are gladly thrown in.

Army I would be looking for would be a more "elite" Xenos army: The "Homunculus Coven" Dark Eldar list, a wraith-heavy Eldar army,  Necrons... hell, even an Ork army without Boyz and lots of  walkers / Meganobz / Battlewagons / Flash Gitz would be cool. Harliquins or a "Nidzilla" style of Tyranids army would be considered as well.

I'm not looking for anything Imperium or Chaos, the only exception being possibly Daemons (maybe!). I'm not looking for anything painted or any older models as a general rule, although that's a case by case kinda deal.

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1 hour ago, PumpkinHead said:

I know you are looking to trade whole armies, but if you decide to part this army out I would be interested in quite a few things.

I've no plans to split the army up currently. If I can't find a trade I'm happy with, I'll mostly likely just keep the army. If that changes, I'll let you know 🙂

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