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Lore of the Wild Questions

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As the spells in Lore of the Wild are from an older book and don't have spell type classifications, I need some clarification on how some of the spells in this lore work.



Beastial Surge - Pretty straight forward, no questions.


Viletide - Magic Missile, no issue here.


Devolve - Does this affect units that are engaged in close combat?


Bray-Scream - Can a character in combat have this cast on them?  All it says is that they make a breathe weapon attack, so can they do it and make the usual 2d6 hits against a unit that they are in base contact with?


Traitor-Kin - This one is at least FAQ'd to say that it hits units that are in combat.  In terms of casting it on chariots, how do you decide what armor bonuses come from being a chariot?   Most chariots just say that they have a total combined save of X.  Would you just assume that the models being hit are equipped with the armor on their profile?


Mantle of Ghorok - No questions.


Savage Domination - No questions.

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Rudra34- Unfortunately, you are a little hosed with Lore of the Wild.  You have to follow the rules for casting spells from the MRB.  Unless your spell clearly states that you may cast the spell at a unit/model who is engaged in combat then you are unable to.


MRB, page 31, Choosing a Target:

However, unless stated otherwise the following rules apply:


If Bray Scream doesn't state you can target a unit in close combat then you could cast it all game long while in combat but cannot target any unit engaged in melee.  Same with devolve, as wizards cannot target spells at units engaged in close combat.

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Devolve and scream were ruled to work in combat for last year's OFCC. Not sure about this year. I'm guessing the same

That goes against what is stated in the MRB though.  Do you allow thirteenth to be cast at a model/unit in close combat (it's technically not a direct damage or magic missile either)?

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I could honestly seeing it go either way.  The way that scream is written you could say that it's an augment, and you could say that devolve is a hex.  There is technically no target of scream, and devolve hits all units within 12".   If you had to not target units in combat, then you wouldn't be able to cast the spell in 50% of situations.   

I don't want to get into a rule-lawyering fight over this, but I will go with the ruling given by the event staff for better or worse.

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I get what you are saying rudra; but they don't have augment or hex in their title.  Which means they aren't either of them and the MRB is pretty clear on choosing a target.


Nothing against you, I just think that if they make those modifications for lore of the wild then the same needs to be done for Skaven magic.

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