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Battle For Pelennor Fields - Looking for Mordor or Angmar


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Howdy all! So I've been eyeing the Middle Earth / Lord of the Rings SBG for, like, 15 years now, and I'm considering picking some stuff up.

I'm wondering if anyone picked up the starter box and has a Mordor half they are willing to part with,  or if someone was interested in splitting a box. I'd like the rulebook as well and would of course be willing to contribute more, but that's negotiable.

Alternatively,  if someone has some metal Angmar stuff, I would be interested in that as well: Witch-King with crown (mounted), Shades, Barrow Wights.

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I wouldn’t mind the Rohirrim, but the army of the dead figures don’t interest me...

I also greatly prefer Oathmark or Saga to GW’s LotR rules. LotR:SBG isn’t a bad game (in fact, it’s probably one of GW’s best offerings) but I’ve always found it a bit too weighted in favor of heroic characters over rank-and-file troops. This is a perfectly reasonable way to emulate the films, so I understand why they wrote it that way, but it ain’t my preference.

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Apologies for the late reply to this post, but you might consider joining the Portland Hobbits Facebook Group.   That's the primary way to reach Middle Earth SBG players locally.   If you're still interested in the game, we can probably find someone willing to split a starter box with you.  They're not available on the GW webstore anymore, but I know most of the local shops still have a copy or two.   Also - that's a good way to connect with local players if you're looking to get started with a learning game or two.

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