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Stars Without Number Battletech House Rules


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So... Like any red-blooded American nerd, I love me some of that giant stompy robot war action of BattleTech, but have always found the various attempts to turn it into a more traditional, character-focused roleplaying game to be clunky and overly complicated: MechWarrior, Classic BattleTech RPG, or the current A Time of War just pile on all sorts of convoluted character creation systems that result in overly finicky systems filled with all sorts of detail that aren't of much use. ("Oh, goody, my mercenary robot pilot has an Art History 37% skill, can recite poetry with a 40% skill, and speaks English, French, and Pashtu...") On the one hand, I appreciate how rich and vibrant the BattleTech universe can be; On the other hand, I just want to throw five tons of missiles downrange, blow up some Capellans, and get paid. 

So imagine my joy when I came across this very simple, but very well thought-out, set of house rules for adapting BattleTech to the Stars Without Number roleplaying game.

SwoN BattleTech House Rules (Google Doc)

Just thought I should share.

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16 minutes ago, Sgt. Rock said:

But... there's no link. You did not, in fact, share.

Don't be silly. Of course I shared the document, you must have experienced a fluke anomaly in local space-time where you briefly crossed over into a timeline where my doppelgänger didn't include a link. It's not my fault that the universe is infinite.

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