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Selling: 3 Dreadnoughts, Terminators and Assault Marines cheap

Dark Trainer

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Looking to clear the last of my Space marine lot. Asking $60/obo for $239 of retail stuff!


1 Assault on Black Reach Dreadnought

2 Normal dreadnoughts (between all 3 around 9 different weapons, assault cannon, missile launcher, 2 Multimeltas, 2 claws/flamer, etc)


10 Terminators Most are Black reach, but have an assault cannon termy and one missile pod termy (metal, OOP)


8 Standard assault marines (1 has a plasma pistol/chainsword, 1 has stormshield/chainsword, others have bolt pistol/chainsword)


Looking to clearance them, but would consider trades for Necrons, Dark Elves, and 40k Orks too.


Get a great deal on some good minis. All are assembled, but most are bare plastic, some are primered. All ready for your painting.

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