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True Dungeon


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Has anyone participated in an True Dungeon event? It is currently an online zoom event. From what I can tell it is a cross between an escape room and DnD.  I have been invited to a group to do a run using their character sheet for the party. I was just looking to see if anyone had done this and if they have any tools, tips, or tricks they could teach me.

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I did a TD run years ago at Gencon...it was a lot of fun.
Tips and Tricks....it was very evident the players who played a lot (ie did multiple runs) had more gear, and could handle the challenges far better.
There was definitely an aspect of "the more you spend the better you do" to it IMO.
That being said, it was a ton of fun even for a newb...and I know some folks in Portland will attend Gencon (when that was possible) just to do TD runs over and over....

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23 hours ago, PumpkinHead said:

Yeah, after looking over the website it does look like a pay to win sort of game.  One of my friends invited me to join, so by the transitive property of friends I am assuming I will get along well with his other friends.

And hopefully your friends that invited  you to join, if they are regulars at it, they will have spare gear for you to use to make your character better.

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