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Combat Mission series, any players?

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Has anyone else here played (or currently plays) any titles from Battlefront's Combat Mission series?

For those who don't know, it's a 20-year old franchise that simulates tactical combat scenarios as realistically as possible. The early games focused on WW2, more recent games take place closer to the current day and in hypothetical scenarios: Cold War gone hot, NATO vs Syria, NATO vs Russia.

Note that this is not an RTS. An RTS is simplistic compared to Combat Mission. The game doesn't just take into account the typical things you'd expect in a strategy game--level of moral, fitness, time of day, weather conditions, ground conditions, ambient temperature, all this and more matters. I do mean it when I say the Battlefront team attempts to simulate combat as realistically as possible. It looks simplistic graphically, but tactically and for replayability, it is unmatched.

The original trio of games are available on Good Old Games, and several of the newer titles are on Steam. I have Barbarossa to Berlin from GOG and am planning to get Black Sea and/or Shock Force 2 as a Christmas present to myself.

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