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Clash at Cassandra's Reach - Cycle 1 Campaign Phase Ordo Fanaticus Necromunda Campaign Chapter 1 (Fall 2021)


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October 26 marks the end of Cycle 1 and begins Cycle 2.  As such, the Cycle 1 Campaign Phase takes effect.  

As Cassandra's Reach is on the Frontier, none of the normal actions are available. There is no Trading post yet, no settlements to visit, and supplies from uphive are still in route. However, homesteaders and adventurous settlers have heard tell of the potential opportunites at the 'Reach, are have been trickling in.

Instead of the normal post battle actions, all gangs should work the limited territories they are squatting in:

Working your Turf

Each gang will start with two territories: Decrepit Outpost (2) and Wasteland Ruins (3)

During the Campaign Phase, Gangers, Juves and Prospects can be assigned to work your territories. Each fighter not in recovery may be assigned to any territory available to your gang. Each territory has a size designated by (#). For visualization grab a tile of the correct size and place your available models on it. A fighter may only work 1 territory during the phase. You may assign additional fighters over the (#) minimum.

Roll a number of dice for each territories according to the following table and check the result

You receive -1D6 for each empty space.

If you have any space where a Juve or Prospect is working unaccompanied by a ganger, roll 1D6 

If each space has at least one Ganger or Specialist, roll 2d6 

If territory has additional Ganger or Specialists over the (#) minimum (and no unaccompanied juve/prospects) roll 3d6.

For 0D6 - roll two dice and take the lowest result. Otherwise, only resolve the highest number rolled.


  • 1 Something Shiny - Give one fighter a piece of loot from the Something Shiny table
  • 2-3 The Shakedown Gang earns D3X10 Credits
  • 4-5 Lessons Learned Each fighter gains D3 xp
  • 6 Like a Professional Gang earns D6x10 Credits Each fighter gains D6 xp, & Randomly choose one of the Territory’s Boons
  • On Critical Success - Multiple 6s - Choose an extra Territory Boon for each additional 6

Territory Profiles

Decrepit Outpost


● Influence the Locals (Income and Reputation) Gain 15 Credits and D3 Reputation

● Call on the House (Equipment or Recruit)  You may spend between 0 and 5 reputation and do one of the following:

      Supply Drop : Purchase a piece of equipment from your House List.  You may discount the price by 10 credits for each point of Reputation spent.

      Petition for reinforcements For 0 Rep - on a 4+ Recruit a Juve with 25 credits worth of equipment,

                                                      For 3 Rep - Pay the Hiring Fee for a Ganger or Prospect

                                                      For 5 Rep - Pay the Hiring fee for a Champion

Wasteland Ruins


● Scavenge and Explore Roll 2d6 and Resolve the Event:

2- The Beast’s Lair -Gain 2d6x10 Credits -Gain D3+1 Reputation -A random Ganger who worked this territory suffers a Lasting Injury, Rerolling any Critical Injury results (61-65)

3-Promising Contacts Pay their Fee to Hire a Hanger-on

4- Wandering Trader :  Buy up to 3 items from your House list or 1 item from the Trading Post (any rarity) 


                                       Spend 5 Reputation and gain 1 item worth 2d6x10 credits for free

5- Make our Mark : Gain d6 Reputation

6-Friendly Faces : Recruit (free) a Juve or Prospect with up to 35credits worth of gear up to a value of 75 credits


                               Hire a Ganger, Juve or Prospect

7- Valuable intel : Gain 30 credits and d3 Reputation

8- Supply Cache : Obtain up to 3 items of Wargear or 1 Weapon (total max value 85 credits)

9- Pacify the Locals : Gain d3 Reputation and each ganger working this territory gain d3XP

10- Scrap Heap: Gain 45 Credits

11- Forgotten Treasure: Purchase an item of Rarity 9 or higher

12- Terra Incognita: Gain d6 Reputation and gain a random Lost Zone territory


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Yeah.  There is a list of 'post battle actions' that the champs can take, that'll get rolled out eventually.


In the meantime - the Something Shiny table is referenced if you roll a 1 when working a territory.  Here it is: (and Scotty, feel free to revise and update, based on feedback.)


Roll a D6 and choose one ganger working that territory to acquire the wargear(s)

  1. Skin Blade
  2. Lock Punch
  3. Strip Kit
  4. Web Solvent
  5. Cameoline Cloak
  6. Flares and a Photo-lumen



My goal was to find a way to get some of the less optimized picks into the rotation - I think you wouldnt usually buy some of these, especially when item purchases and hiring is more limited.  Feel free to suggest more and other items, consider it a WIP

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