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  1. Very cool. I'd love to play a little more Underworlds because I've been missing it lately.
  2. Those new Necromunda books are terrific, and I can't wait to see more games being played at WOW.
  3. Woo-haw! Thanks for the clarification, my good man.
  4. Hey everybody. I'm playing Eschers, so that means I can use any of the stuff on the Escher list in Gang War 3, right? There's some ambiguity about whether Eschers should start with the list in GW 3 or the (much smaller) list in the Necromunda main book. I'm planning to use a plasma gun, which is in the GW 3 list, but not in the main book. I feel like every gang should have access to the GW 3 lists because the Van Saars only have a list in that book, and it's an extremely generous list. If the other gangs are limited to their lists in the pre-GW 3 books, then the Van Saars have an unfair advantage when it comes to choices of gear. The Orlocks in particular have only two (!) close combat options in their GW 2 list, and that makes them nigh-unplayable. Thanks again for setting up this cool event. I'll see everybody tomorrow!
  5. So [big bad swear word]ing jealous of this gang name.
  6. Ha ha ha. I'll be playing Eschers, you guys. We've only got 6+ saves, but the fancy hair makes the risk so damn rewarding.
  7. Whoa! Awesome news.
  8. Whoa! This mission sounds awesome, and we should play it this way for real next week. I really like the name of it too, btw.
  9. For no personal reason at all, I like that you named one of your monstrous religious fanatics "Brother Josiah." This looks like a fun gang.
  10. The Hot Knives are at odds with their fellow Eschers because their ranks include a small yet substantial number of men. The Knives have discovered a way to (mostly) repair the male half of the Escher genetic line. Their exact methodology is a secret they will kill to protect. My gang lineup: https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/The_Hot_Knives.9083/ Chosen Tactics: Side by Side (Escher) Scrag (Escher) Stealthy Advance (Escher) Ultra-Violence (Escher) Put Them Down (Escher) Counter-Charge (Escher) Three Point-Landing (Escher) ...Click (General) Reaction Fire (General) Group Tactics (General) Fire Discipline (General)
  11. My favorite tank in the spehss muhreen arsenal is the Vindicator. I affectionately call them 'War Pigs' because of the the wide, chunky profile; the blunt, snout-like cannon; and of course, my fondness for Black Sabbath. Back in 7th, the Demolisher cannon was justly feared by infantry because of its large template with S10/AP1 damage potential. But the Demolisher could also pinch-hit as a decent source of anti-tank because that AP/damage profile was so freaking good. One of my fondest 7th edition memories is taking down a dual-gatling Chaos Knight with my Linebreaker formation of three little War Pigs. I've yet to play with Vindicators in 8th because our PL/points have been so low in the league, but I think that's gonna change very soon. The new Astartes Codex gave Vindicators a healthy price drop, and the new Linebreaker stratagem seems like it could be devastating if you time it correctly and if the dice gods smile upon you. One last thing: I am terrible at hazard stripes, but I finally hit on a cool way to make those dozer shields look cool. I slopped tons of Typhus Corrosion over the whole thing, and after it dried, I dry-brushed Leadbelcher on top of it. I love the gnarly, rugged look of it, and I imagine those shields are at least 5,000 year old relics by this point in the 40K timeline.
  12. They're just a *tiny* bit like the packs worn by those Warp Talon guys that you know and love.
  13. I played a bunch of tactical marines in razorbacks this week, and it wasn't the most creative army, but the bonus points from the battalion detachment were freaking sweet. For next week, I'm hoping we get enough points/PL for me to break out some Vanguard Vets that I've been working on. I bought a bunch of forgeworld assault marines when I was thinking about making some 30K Blood Angels. I shelved that project for a while, and then 8th Edition made jump packs useful, so I decided to repaint these dudes to serve in The Royal Spiders, my West African marine chapter. I organized the Vanguards in a flying V/delta formation in this photo, and I just realized that the way I equipped these guys is like the "12 Days of Christmas". 1. The Sgt. has lightning claws. 2. Next there are two guys with bolt pistols & power axes. 3. Followed by three guys with chainswords and storm shields. 4. And the back row consists of four vets slinging plasma pistols & chainswords. I did't plan that mathematical progression at all. Weird coincidence. Also, I just realized that I can optimize this unit by giving two of the plasma pistols to the axe-wielders, so I can make two jabronies with only pistols and swords to serve as ablative wounds if I ever need to make a sacrifice play. Oh well. I am currently feeling lazy, and I also like the mathematical symmetry of this squad, so I'm gonna stay with the current loadout for now. I'll try to build my list around them for next week. Can't wait to see what everyone else is working on!
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