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  1. I think I saw that transaction happening yesterday. Glad you got a good deal, man.
  2. Hey Carl, The Familiar gives the magical willpower armor to my Psyker leader actually. I was excited about rolling that willpower save, but you shot my familiar to death first before you took any shots at my psyker. You accidentally did the absolute best thing, and it worked like a charm.
  3. Sounds awesome. That Command Roster thing on Warhammer Community has a name generator for Chaos dudes that's pretty good if you want fast and easy results. However, I remember thinking that your Tyrannid names for Kill Team were quirky and awesome, so I'd love to see what you come up with for the cult gang.
  4. Sure thing man. I just sent you an invite.
  5. This is a really neat idea for a gang, and those models are rad, Carl. You should totally go for it. Even if you don't get them before the campaign ends in two weeks, Ninefinger and I have been talking about running another one sometime in the not-so-distant future. These models would also be great for Kill Team cultists too
  6. Alright, gangers. The Goliaths defeated the Enforcers to secure the riches of the Reaper Ghast harvest. The next scenario will take place on Tuesday (10/8) at 6:00 PM at WOW. All gangs present will battle each other using the Gang Moot multiplayer scenario on page 182 of the Rulebook. As arbitrator, I am only making the following modification to the scenario. Otherwise, gangs should play the scenario exactly as written in the book. IMPORTANT RULE FOR TERRITORY ALLOCATION: If a player wins the Gang Moot, then that player may choose any single available territory to control. Any other player may choose territories drawn at random, just for taking part in the battle. If the game is a draw with no winner, then all players draw territories at random. As always, let me know if you have any questions, and I'll see you in the Underhive!
  7. I just finished writing the rules for the first scenario of Deathcap Junction 2.0. It's a modified version of the Ghast Harvest scenario from page 170 of the Necromunda Rulebook. Here is the narrative hook for the scenario: The Escher civil war is finally over. Deathcap Junction has been released from its state of martial law. The Necromundan 8th Infantry have left town, and the Junction’s valuable territories are up for grabs. The uphive gangs have recently arrived at the settlement. They hear news about a vein of Reaper Ghast that is located somewhere in the Junction. A rockcrete building caved in during the civil war, and the debris is finally being cleared up. Servitor-assisted work crews have discovered a vein of Reaper Ghast that was growing amidst the wreckage. Reaper Ghast is a mutant strain of Ghast that has been infected by toxic Deathcap spores. Reaper Ghast is a rare and valuable substance that can imbue its users with temporary psychic powers. Furthermore, anybody who uses Reaper Ghast sees an overwhelming vision of his own death. Some people are empowered by this knowledge, but others are irreparably shattered by the horrifying vision. The gangs will play this scenario tomorrow (October 5th) at WOW, starting around 3:00 PM. I am attaching the Word file for the Battle Report sheet to this post as well. Players can download and print that sheet and fill it out to let me know the results of their battle, so I can keep track of them to determine the campaign winners in three weeks. Let me know if you have any questions, and I'll see you in the Underhive. Scenario Reaper Ghast Harvest.docx Necromunda Report Sheet.docx
  8. The Deathcap 2.0 campaign will use a highly modified version of the Intrigue rules from Book of Judgement. The deck will only consist of the following thirteen cards, which all correspond to a different card in the Spades suit of a standard playing card deck. Corrupt the Machine (2 of Spades) Make them Bleed! (3 of Spades) Burn it Down! (4 of Spades) Keep the Trade Flowing (5 of Spades) Reveal the Imposter (6 of Spades) Retrieve the Informer (7 of Spades) Cut off the Head (8 of Spades) Minimum Force (9 of Spades) Show of Force (10 of Spades) Wreck the Place (Jack of Spades) Collect a Debt (Queen of Spades) Seed the Rebellion (King of Spades) Watch from the Shadows (Ace of Spades) During any two-player battle, both players will draw two intrigue cards from the same deck. Players will draw their cards immediately before the first player deploys his first gang member. Our campaign is ignoring the classifications of Law-Abiding and Outlaw, so any gang may use any Intrigue card without having to worry about alignment tests. Players may attempt to achieve either, neither, or both of their drawn Intrigues. However, once a player successfully achieves an Intrigue, they are disallowed from achieving the second Intrigue. In the event that a player manages to achieve two Intrigues at once with a single fighter action, that player must choose which Intrigue they would like to achieve, and they may not gain benefits from the other Intrigue.
  9. What kind of books does she like to read?
  10. Ha ha ha! Everyone's a critic!
  11. Deathcap Junction 2.0 will be using the Dominion Campaign rules from Gangs of the Underhive. Players will battle for control of territories in the Junction. Each territory will give the controlling player bonuses that include bonus credits, reputation points, or special abilities. As the campaign arbitrator, I determined the available territories by using the official Campaign Territory Cards. Throughout the campaign, we'll track ownership of the territories by using both Yaktribe and the magnetized board at WOW that was built by the ever-talented Ninefinger. Without further ado, here is a map displaying the territories at stake in the Battle for Deathcap Junction: (Shout out to the Echoes of Imperium blogger who built the template I used for that map.) And here is a less stylish but easier-to-read list of those territories: Sludge Sea Bone Shrine Old Ruins Rogue Doc Shop Fighting Pit Needle Ways Tech Bazaar Gambling Den Collapsed Dome Tunnels Mine Workings Narco Den Promethium Cache Corpse Farm Archaeotech Device Okay, that's all for now. Tomorrow, I'll post the modified deck of Intrigue cards that we'll be using in the Deathcap 2.0 campaign. See you in the Underhive!
  12. Since we're rebooting the Deathcap Junction campaign, each gang should be created using the rules listed in Gangs of the Underhive or the Book of Judgement (for Enforcer gangs). Each gang will also receive a set of bonuses so the players can approximate the progress their gang made during the previous phase of the campaign. During phase two of the Battle for Deathcap Junction, each starting gang will receive the following bonuses: I. Each gang receives an extra three Reputation points to show that the gangs are a little more seasoned. (Every gang should start with 4 reputation points.) II. Each player can give one extra skill to any Leader, Champion, or Juve. This skill can be chosen from either the gang's Primary or Secondary skill sets. The fighter's Rating must be adjusted to reflect the increase in value from the new skill. The fighter's Rating goes up +20 credits if you give him a Primary skill and + 35 credits if you give him a Secondary skill. Furthermore, none of the skills in your beginning gang can be duplicates; i.e., all four starting skills should be different from each other. III. Each gang receives an extra 200 credits. These credits are in addition to the 1000 you normally receive for starting a gang. Players must spend these credits before their first battle, or they will lose them. These additional 200 credits may be used to purchase any combination of the following: New gangers or juves, as long as the player doesn't violate gang composition rules. One hanger-on. Players may use any of the hangers-on from Gangs of the Underhive. The only hangers-on that players may use from the Book of Judgement are the Propagandist and the Narker. Any amount of equipment from the player's gang house list. One single purchase from the Trading Post with a Rarity value of 10 or less. Okay, that's it for now. If anyone has questions, feel free to message me, and have a great weekend!
  13. Deathcap Junction is dead . . . . Long live Deathcap Junction!!! The Necromunda campaign has been going for the past couple of weeks. Many battles were fought, and much fun was had. As the campaign Arbitrator, I elected to use the new Law and Misrule Campaign system from the newest book. At first, the system worked well, but the longer we played the more unbalanced things became. Recently, I felt the need to orchestrate a soft reboot for the campaign. As a result, we will be playing a mini-campaign for the the next three weeks using the simpler and more battle-tested Dominion Campaign system. The first battle will occur on Sunday, October 6th at 3:00 PM. The second will occur on Tuesday, October 8th at 6:00 PM. Officially sanctioned games will be played at WOW, but players are encouraged to issue challenges for side games and keep track of the battle results for scoring purposes. The final battle will be on Tuesday, October 22nd at 6:00 PM, and one player will be crowned the new king of Deathcap Junction. For the new campaign, players will set up gangs using the standard rules in Gangs of the Underhive, but each gang will receive a starting bonus of Reputation points, skills, and credits in order to approximate the advances each gang earned during the previous phase of the Deathcap Junction campaign. If you haven't played a Necromunda campaign before, this is the perfect opportunity to try it out for a short-yet-eventful and fun campaign. New players welcome! Very soon, I'll make a brief Ordo post to outline the modified rules for gang setup.
  14. Scott, this is too awesome. You are crazy good at summing up several rounds of a game in organic and enjoyable prose. This kind of writing is really hard to do. You should submit something next time Black Library posts another contest. They could use you.
  15. So [big bad swear word]ing rad, man. I'm glad you rescued Stanis on Sunday!
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