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OFCC Questions

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Hi everyone, sorry for such a basic question but could you tell me the points limit on our armies for OFCC? Someone told me 2800, but the rule packet I just downloaded says 3k. And when is the deadline for the lists? Who do I send them to? Sorry if these questions are answered somewhere, I'm not seeing it.


Oh and can someone tell me Dirk's username? I need to PM that guy.



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Also, to clarify more, it sounds like you talked to Brehk (bkieft (our captain) and he is the one who should get your list if you are joining us. He'll forward it on to AgentP.


And more clarity: Obviously, our team is for the team event. I believe the Open is on Friday. Not sure about Brehk and Steve, but I will not be making it, but that should not stop you if you want to do both events.

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