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Some questions for those with a KoW rulebook


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There have been a couple of threads about Kings of War here over the years and I know reviews on it have been pretty positive.  I just started looking at some of the details and figured out base sizes and other bits.


I know that the magic item list in the free PDF is not a complete list from the actual rule book.  I *believe* that the army lists which are available for download *are* complete but I am not sure about that.  Can anyone confirm that?


I know that WarSeer has "lists" for all the standard Warhammer armies that aren't already there including WoC, Skaven and Lizardmen (i.e. all the armies I play) and that they get good reviews and that the author who handled all of them is considered good for balanced thematic lists.


I saw that as the army lists grew a number of new Special Rules have been introduced but they seem to be complete (e.g. Angelic Inspiration for the Basileans).  I can't tell if I am missing something like special rules for specific units or something or if the downloadable stuff really covers almost everything.


I figure I want to support the company by purchasing the rule book in the long term but is there anything I need to get early on to get a complete picture of how things play?  Similarly, long term I would look to build fixed units of minatures (or build nicer diorama-style movement trays for using my Warhammer stuff) but in the short term am I better off working with the cannon lists and proxying with paper units to see how I like the game and get comfortable with the rules?

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I own the KoW book, and it is a good product, worth buying. The unit sizes of KoW are all set. You have certain options of size, but they are limited. So this makes it easy when getting movement trays. Thus, you can easily pull out some standard tray sizes and practice with just those. Magic and magic items play more like warmaster than warhammer. They are minor adjustments to stats as opposed to truly dynamic abilities or effects. Keeps things nice and simple. The supplement books do have some additional rules you can apply if you want.


I don't know about any of the non-official lists though.

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