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Space Wolves for sale, pics can be emailed.

Lord Hanaur

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Following is a list of things to sell as a lot.  Everything is written down as they are modelled rather than their squad affiliation.  Pics can be emailed.

1x Rune Priest
1x Wolf Lord
10x Space Wolves w/ Pistol and CC Weapon
2x Space Wolves w/ Frost/Power Axe
2x Space Wolves w/ Thunderhammer and Storm Shield
2x Space Wolves w/ Mark of the Wulfen
2x Space Wolves w/ Plasma Gun
1x Space Wolf w/ Flamer
1x Space Wolf without arms (It's just a flesh wound!)
1x Wolfrider w/ Pistol and CC Weapon
1x Wolfrider w/ Pistol and Frost/Power Axe
1x Wolfrider w/ Storm Shield and CC Weapon
2x Wolf Scout w/ Pistol and CC Weapon
2x Wolf Scout w/ Power/Frost Axe
1x Wolf Scout w/ Mark of the Wulfen
1x Rhino
1x Drop Pod
Bitz from original sprues are included and anything undesirable can therefore be swapped.
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