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2k Beta wing. GK + DA.


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This one is for funzies :) 


Grey Knights Nemesis Strike force:


HQ:  Librarian   ML3, Hammer, Domina Liber Daemonica                                                                                  175

HQ:  Warlord  Librarian   ML3, Hammer                                                                                                              150


Troop:  Terminators *5  Hammer,  Falchons *4, Psycannon, Teleport homer, melta bomb                                 226


Heavy:  NDK   Heavy incinerator,  Heavy psycannon, Sword,  Personal teleporter                                           225

Heavy:  NDK   Heavy incinerator,  Heavy psycannon, Personal teleported                                                        215


LoW:  Draigo                                                                                                                                                       245


Dark Angels allied detachment


HQ:  Sammael                                                                                                                                                     200

HQ:  Ravenwing command squad *5,  Ravenwing grenade launcher, Apothecary                                            230


Elite:  Deathwing terminators *5  TH/SS *5,  Cyclone missile launcher.                                                             270


Troop:  Scouts *5  sniper rifle *5                                                                                                                         60








The list starts with 11 warp charges.

The librarians are rolling (mostly) in the sanctic tree, looking for both sanctuary and gate of infinity.  The warlord lib is rolling on the GK table and looking for either the 'knows another power' or the 'can auto deep strike turn 1 with a re-roll to scatter'.


The Idea.


This is an all or nothing assault list.  Every part of it wants to get in the enemies face as soon as possible.  It can plan for and take advantage of going second so it can set up closer to the enemy lines.  It hopes to hit its hardest turn 2, having weathered 1 round of shooting, and puts so many threats into play so close that the enemy has difficulty stopping all of them.  


Turn 1 (or 2) has the death wing in close, draigo (hopefully) gating in nearby.  The librarians (hopefully) get sanctuary up adding +1 to invulns.    

The NDK's either shunt into position now, or make normal jump moves and save shunt for later.  The command squad and sam close range (scout) and use skilled rider to hang in cover.  The snipers babysit an objective and provide harassing fire.


Turn 2 (or 3) one of the librarians with sanctuary joins the death wing unit.



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Edited the original post to make the list legal.  Lost 1 gk termie, a sword off of one of the NDK's, 1 biker, swaps Sam for Belail, and flips the RW knights over to HQ (they don't take up a slot).


It loses the pinpoint deep strike from belail, but gains another eternal tank, some snipers, and FNP in the bike unit. 

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