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Typical points margins for win/loss/tie/etc

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Dumb question because I've been away from tournaments for years: is there a standard set of margins for most tournaments nowadays?  What is a typical breakdown for scoring?


I'm wondering about both the division of points between Battle/Comp/Sports/Paint, and also the VPs margins eg (<100 Draw 5 points, 101-200 Minor Victory 10 points, 201-500 Major 15 points, etc.)



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in seattle i see 20 nil and in canada i have seen W-L-D. Both have their pros and cons but i think i prefer 20 nil as i think someone should be rewarded for playing a close loss.

On the flip side though, it encourages going for the throat, and if you are crushing an opponent and they are looking like the life has left their eyes, being a good sport and asking them if they want to call the game ends up hurting you in the standings because you didn't finish mopping up. I like w-t-ml-l personally.

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