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Amera Plastic buildings


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@ Nathonicus, I ordered through Noble Knight Games (nobleknight.com). You can order directly from Amera but shipping from the UK is spendy. The product is cheaper from Amera  so if you get a big enough order to make up for the price of shipping that would be the way to go, but for the six things I ordered it was cheaper to buy from a US distributor.


@ JMGraham, I plan on using pop sickle sticks as boarded up windows and make shift supports to strengthen the walls. They are a little thin but really not bad once all glued together. It will work great at my house. I don't know how it would hold up in a game store with rough treatment. I am very happy with it so far. Assembly took a while. But you end up with lots of extra plastic card when you are done so that will be great to save for other projects.

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I wonder if for some of the big pieces, like hills, it might make sense to backfill them with plaster. It'd make them heavy as all get out, but plaster is dirt cheap (provided you get it from a hardware store and not a craft store), and it could help with durability issues. For the buildings, are they mostly flat pieces to glue together so or is there a fair number of cavities that might be plaster-worthy?

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