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If you have some time read some basic color theory. Contrasting colors make things more interesting. I love the color purple andi learned some basics which is partly why I have those hazard stripes it is the yellow that really makes it striking on the purple and makes my force pop to an extent. Good color choice covers up allot of missing skill.


My first army I thought it was amazing with black armor and tin bitz (dark brown metallic) and while my brush work was better than my current stuff it bearly looked painted. Learn from this, paint test models and stand 4 feet away from them before committing to a whole army paint scheme. Also try to picture how you will adapt the same basic color setup to bigger models as sometimes what looks good on an infantry man is totally unworkable on a tank or monster...

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A long time ago Jim did a painting workshop where we all had test minis and he showed us different techniques and stuff. We were just talking last night about maybe doing another of these sometime in the future so you might be in luck! If anyone less busy than Jim who is good at painting (which excludes me) is interested in putting something on sooner, I think that would be super awesome too!

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