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ATTENTION! - hobby retreat weekend dates

Brother Glacius

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Hi Ordo,


I have been working on getting a Hobby Retreat weekend. This is a weekend get-a-way in the Columbia Gorge at the Menucha Retreat Center. Basically, you will be sheltered and fed and have the whole weekend to work on your hobbies. Menucha has come back with a list of possible weekends for us to hold the event. Minimum number is four I believe. Cost will be around $170 per person. This includes meals for Friday night, all day Saturday, and breakfast and lunch on Sunday. Menucha is only 20min from Portland.


Alcohol is allowed, but please be discreet.


Here are the dates available:


January 30-Feb 1 (Boyd & GH – would need to be contracted ASAP, 3 week deadline is 1/9/15)!

February 13-15 (Boyd & GH)

February 27-March 1 (Habitat & GH)

March 6-8 (Boyd & GH)

April 24-26 (Habitat & GH)

May 22-24 (Boyd & GH)

May 29-May 31 (Boyd & GH)


GH = Green House - this building is a meeting space. So for example, Jan 30-Feb 1, you would sleep in Boyd, and have the Green House available as a large meeting space.


Boyd rooms are semi-private, with multiple beds in each room. It sleeps 8-10

Habitat is more of a dorm style building, two room, each with 8 beds, sleeps 16.

You can view each on the Menucha web site (http://menucha.org/home) and look under Facilities.


Depending on the interest, I would suggest Boyd as our first pick. That means picking from:

Jan 30 - Feb 1

Feb 13-15

March 6-8

May 22-24

May 29-31


In order to book, we have to have at least four people that are in. If you are truly interested in attending, please post with dates that would work for you. Also mark which weekend you would prefer.


I am going to go, so that means we only need three other people to be in. :)

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