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The Legacy Returns (league background fluff)

Steel Angel

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So with the league starting soon I had to decide on what faction to play. Problem was I wasn't really feeling it with any of them. So one day I was surfing the Net and found the old Battletech cartoon on Youtube. Well as I watched and remembered how much I loved the world of Battletech. I came up with an Idea to make my own faction. I would bring Battletech to 40k. First I had to figure out how to bring in this faction. It had to be powerful enough to at least not get steamrolled (fluff wise) by the other factions yet with most of the galaxy full how could I do it.Well watching nova I was given the answer. In between the galaxies are star clusters and even proto-galaxies. So I would have my faction come from a star cluster just outside the galaxy. I will be using space wolves codex and space marine codex to "count as" for them though almost all codexs could be used.I will post army list and pics. of the models as I go. So here is the history of "THE LEGACY REPUBLIC"





Pro Res Publica!

Though the Legacy Republic is over 15,000 years old. The origins of the Legacy Republic begin with the united human stellar confederation centered on the human homeworld of Terra. The UHSC, was made by the development of the Warp-Drive and the Gellar Field, allowing human spacecraft to make short Warp jumps through the recently discovered extradimensional realm known as the Immaterium, traveling vast interstellar distances in a relatively short amount of time. ((One can compare this early human form of faster-than-light travel to the way that Tau starships currently travel, described as "skimming the surface" of the Warp.)) The Warp-Drive's development greatly accelerated the human colonization of the Milky Way Galaxy, and allowed interstellar trade and communications between far-flung extrasolar human colonies and the homeworld of Mankind, Terra. Allowing a utopian civilization spanning thousands of human-colonized star systems. But Mankind was not satisfied with this and the Great Legacy Project was born.

The Legacy Project was an expeditionary project, led mainly by Armed Forces would send an army, and 150,000 men, women, and children in a fleet to pierce the edge of the galaxy and seek out extragalactic life. In the original plan, colonies were to be established in the new territories that The Fleet scouted, and in this way the Terra would gain a foothold outside the galactic rim in the Unknown Regions and grow further. The prospect of identifying possible threats from outside the galaxy before they reached it and became a danger also appealed to the security-conscious.

The Legacy Fleet was made up of 15 Great Colony ships (Each as large as a small city designed to land on a world and form a premade colony), and escorted by a full armada of warships.

For the most Part the success of the projected depended on powerful and fully autonomous robots called Logic Responsive Omni Neronet Droids, or I.R.O.N Men as the avg. person called them. These droids handled the repair and maintenance for example, there were droids for making large repairs such as welding large plates to patch up walls, and there were droids for doing simple tasks like cleaning up debris. They were also the backbone of the military defense of the fleet.

With much fan fair in the year 22,889 AD The Great Legacy Fleet lunched and pieced the galactic rim. Now what transpired in this time is spotty. What we do know is Fleet at so time was set upon by some force of powerful Xenos. While the fleet was able to destroy this force it came at a large price. The fleet had lost 2 Colony ships, one of which was the forge ship where the I.R.O.N men were made and programed there would be no more I.R.O.N. droids. This plus the loss of most of the armada warships was a devastating blow to the fleet. The long journey of The Legacy Fleet ends with the discovery of a small intergalactic star cluster with a few hundred marginally habitable systems located deep outside the Milky Way galaxy, termed "the Legacy Cluster". The colony ship split and settled in systems located next to each other and formed the Legacy Republic.

Nevertheless, the Legacy Republic is depicted as falling prey to the same evolution as most civilazions do. Infighting had torn apart the Republic. Events of political aftermath of civil war, involving a new totalitarian government, the resulting fall of Republic Worlds into pre-industrial societies, the loss and restoration of advanced technology and of space travel.
Here the History of the Republic is fully restored.

High Legate Mars Branskiy ruler of Nova Roma used the planet as a base to build up an invasion force to retake the Legacy Worlds and, conquered them from their inhabitants, who in that time had been reduced to banditry, cultism, and savagery. In so doing, completely rebuilt his society to create "the Legions". The actual formation of the Legions is described as resulting from the distribution of the Legacy worlds to his ten closest and devote commanders and the civilian families of the conquered worlds evenly among 10 newly founded Legions. After the successful reconquest of the Legacy Worlds, known as Operation Rebirth, they once again formed the core of the Legacy Republic with each Legion Legate Ruler of a sector of the republic. They shall have their own army. Each legion army will be made up of 12 cohorts. Each Legion must have 2 Cohorts serving in the Legacy Republic army. the Legates shall form The Legos Senate advise the High Legate, The High Legate shall rule, and be the commander of the Republic Army, and Nova Roma the capital.


The main weapon of choice for the Republic is the BattleMech. The was the Reason High Legate Mars was able to unify The Republic core worlds. A BattleMech resembles a Dreadnought or Imperial Knight but are built on different technologies. BattleDreads range in height from 4 to 17 meters (13 to 56 feet) and mass from 20 to 100 tons (2 to 110 short tons) in five-ton intervals, with some capable of ground speeds in excess of 150 km/h (93 mph). BattleMechs have a torso that can rotate to either side independently from the legs, but few can do a complete 360 twist. Their power is drawn from fusion reactors and are best suited for ground combat, although they are also capable of limited performance underwater and in outer space. BattleMechs are initially made up of a series of internal structure "bones" which are connected together to form a skeleton of the 'Mech. An electroactive polymer called myomer, which contracts in the presence of an electrical current, is then wrapped around these bones. This powerful myomer transmission system is what gives BattleMechs their speed and agility in even the roughest terrain. They are also faster the infantry, more agile and versatile then tanks.
The necessary electrical current for the myomers is provided by a fusion reactor. This artificial skeleton and musculature, combined with a powerful gyroscope provide stability for the BattleMech. The entire system is controlled by a pilot wearing a neurohelmet that effectively links the 'Mech's central computer to the pilot's sense of balance and nervous system. Mech pilots do not so much drive them, but more like wear them.


Unlike the other civilizations, where individuals are born with citizenship, in the Republic, citizenship is a benefit to be earned. All minors in the Republic are technically wards of the state under the provisional supervision of their parents. During this time, they receive a state sponsored education and are encouraged to participate in the betterment of their communities. Upon reaching 16, each Republic child is evaluated to determine if they have proven their commitment to the state by participating in their community, whether through outreach work, artistic work of cultural value, or civic participation. Those who are found willing to provide service to the state are granted citizenship. Those who have not are given a grace period of two years after which they will have a second evaluation. Failure to earn citizenship after one's second evaluation relegates an individual to the class of non-citizens referred to as serfs. The life of a serf is harsh, because a serf has no legal rights within the Republic. Serfship, however, is not a lifetime sentence, as citizenship can still be earned as a serf, although the task becomes significantly harder. Likewise, neither citizenship nor serfship is inheritable, with all Republic children receiving the same education and facing the same requirements to earn citizenship. Republic citizens are expected to continue providing services to their community throughout their lifetime, and the state makes a point of continuing to promote and reward those who provide selfless service to the state. All citizens are guaranteed free healthcare & education for life, in addition to other minor benefits. The result is a Republic citizen is far more loyal and civic-minded than the average IoM inhabitant; they are one who sees their citizenship as a reward for hard work and not a right.

All citizens are nominally required to perform two years of military service upon their 17 birthday. Waivers may be granted in special cases, such as for extensive higher education, but even university graduate equivalents may face service upon completion; only guaranteed employment or further education will fully remove the obligation to military service. Upon completion of these two years, citizens have the option of enlisting for a further three, and again in five-year increments until 20 years’ service, at which time service becomes permanent until retirement. Promotion past the rank of Tesserarius requires at least a commitment to five years’ service. If any soldier dies in service to the Republic citizenship is bestowed on any family members or dependents not already holding it.



Over the large span following the Rebirth era the Republic is described as gradually increasing in strength, colonizing new worlds, and developing new technologies. Republic history after this point generally divides into two eras the "Golden Age" when Republic colonization, industrialization, and technological innovation grew by leaps and bounds and ten more Legions were founded, and the "Political Age by which time the Republic had colonized the Legacy Cluster to its saturation point and The Legions began to heavily compete with each other over the limited resources of the area. Their environment of the Legions Homeworlds was and remains a harsh one. The "Legacy Cluster" is many jumps worth of jump drive travel from the IoM, and is represented as being totally cut off from the borders of the Galactic rim. Even the ships of the original Fleet, using peak technology, took years to travel from the rime and what would become the Legacy Cluster. So a return the Galaxy in force seem beyond grasp. That is till the Transfold gate was developed. The gates allowed the folding of space from one gate to another allowing almost instant travel between gates. With this a large fleet of drone ships where sent out to form a network of gates. The gates had one flaw they would only work when set up near specific and rare Grav-singularities that are only found outside a galactic gravity field. So it could not replace normal warp jump drives. Still enough where found in the next few years to cut the time back to the rim from years to weeks.
So now begins the Incursion to retake what is their birthright. With Armies, Warships, and an Republic that will rival any power in the Galaxy.


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Impressive work of back story.  I think all your story elements come together nicely to explain why you're running the theme you decided upon, and I like the 40k take on BattleTech.  I have to admit when I saw battletech I assumed that Tau would be your target Army, so I was pleasantly surprised when you went SW/SM.

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Well I like it very much I assume you took from the Clans story?


Id consider using IG for sentinals as lighter mechs. Power armor as battle armor, centurions as omnimechs.


I would say you could have an original exodus of the original techpreists to tie it into the 40k world. 


or maybe something like this

"The Legacy Project was an expeditionary project, led mainly by Armed Forces would send an army, and 150,000 men, women, and children in a fleet to pierce the edge of the galaxy and seek out extragalactic life. However from the start the expedition started with disaster either due to a technical error or sabotage from their brethren they left behind when they attempted one of their first jumps their hips were sent actually into a short warp jump.  Coming out scattered and damage, miraculously all relatively close to each other. After a few years they were able to link with the other ships, however in this time period they drew unwanted attention from a Xenos race. Suddenly beset by an enemy unlike any they had ever fought before they fled to a a system which they had stumbled upon earlier.


In a short but desperate war  the Legacy Armed forces used their signature armored walkers managed to beat of the Xenos race but only at a deadly cost. With thousands dead and a forgeship destroyed their expedition was at a loss at what to do. Split between a few who wanted to stay and populate the planet they had fought so dearly for and those who wished to flee farther from the Xenos threat the Legacy Project was on the brink of disaster and a civil war. collecting his forces to him High Legate Mars Branskiy launched a quick assault to capture as many of the I.R.O.N men as possible and fled to the remaining fleet and took all who were loyal and sought to leave and departed the doomed cluster. 

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