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trigger airbrush?

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So I'm looking to get a fairly basic airbrush to go along with my setup. I already have a nice detailed brush, so this one is going to be used to do basecoats and the like. Due to the fact that I have an Amazon gift card and they have pretty darn good prices, I was going to get it from there. I found one that has a trigger setup. Just wanted to get some feedback on that. I would hope it would do fine for basecoats.



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I had a siphon feed and didn't like it. Now I am also not the best painter in the world but I use my airbrush mostly for base coats. I just didn't like the fact it left paint in the bottom of the jar. My gravity feed uses everything that I put in it. The one really good thing about siphon feed is you can get extra jars and do color changes really quick.

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Dual action (top mounted, traditional trigger) gravity feed cup with a reasonable capacity is the way to go.




That one above looks to be of similar price to your other links and has multiple needle sets you can use to adjust it's area of coverage, etc. as needed.  Decent rating, though based on the reviews you might need to adjust the air pressure according to the paint/needle being used, etc.  A lot of people don't get that importance well and then complain about their garbage results.  Also, depending on your habits, clean frequently.  I find mixing a large volume of paint in a dropper bottle and only using a small amount at a time to be a better practice than filling the cup and spraying without pause.

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