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Dice For The Galaxy

Brick Bungalow

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If you like Race For The Galaxy I think you will be pleased and satisfied if not particularly surprised. Dice tends to be slightly less competitive due to inherent randomness. One thing I liked was that the opening draw is far less significant than the card game. You get a home world and a defining attribute or race but each player begins with the same starting dice. 


The theme is carried over pretty well with all the cool races and artwork. The phase-mechanic is preserved but you need a corresponding die face to participate in any phase you did not choose as well as the corresponding resources. All the dice represent phases but their proportion is determined by their color. If you remember the significance of collecting like kinds in the card game you want to keep doing that here but you also want the same color dice for maximum effect. Most of the time anyway. 


Total play time is about the same as are winning conditions. I want to play some more. 

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