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Interceptor vs. Exploded Transport


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I'm just full of questions aren't I!  Comes from my hiatus I guess and planning for situations I haven't encountered before.  Here's the latest one:


A dark eldar raider deep strikes in through use of a webway portal.  At the end of the movement phase units/weapon systems with interceptor may fire at "any one unit that has arrived from Reserve within its range and line of sight."  This includes units that have arrived in a transport that has deep struck in such as marines from a drop pod.  In the case of the raider however the unit inside does not disembark.  The first unit of broadsides with interceptor shoot at the raider with their smart missile system and wreck/explode the raider.  Can the other broadside unit with Interceptor now shoot at the unit that has been forced to disembark from the raider or are exposed in the smoldering crater, or does the fact that unit was not on the table prior to that first round of interceptor shooting now preserve it from being a target?

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The above have it right. As the DE player, the one thing you can do is position the wreck (if it doesn't explode) to block LOS from the rest of the TAU army to the disembarking unit. Won't matter with those SMS, but will matter against most other weapons. Wrecked skimmers lose their flying base, and DE raiders are big models, so this is fairly easy to do.

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