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Brother G's big list of Wants

Brother Glacius

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Hello Ordo,


Here is a list of stuff I'd like to own for my various armies. My first option would be to hopefully find a trade that is fair to both sides. I would also consider purchasing, but that is fairly dependent upon the price.


40K Wants

SW Stormwolves (2)

SW ven dread (1)

SW thunderwolf cav (3)

Necron Triarch Stalker (1)

Necron elite infantry

Necron Tomb Blades (3-6)

Ork Gorkanaut/morkanaut (1)

Ork Flashgits (5-10)

Ork Big Guns (1-3)

Tau razorshark (1)

Tau sunshark (1)

Tau Skyray (1)

Militarum Tempestus (anything)


I have mostly marines or nids to trade, but ask and I may have it.



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