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My Ordo Gamer Garage Sale Inventory


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I will have the following items available at the Ordo Gamer Garage sale. Desired prices are listed for some items; I'm flexible on the rest.   :happy:




6 2nd ed. metal Ork Boyz - assembled and primed black

6 2nd ed. metal Orks in Mega-Armor w/ plasma pistols - assembled & unprimed

1 3rd ed. metal Ork Lobba - New in blister ($10)

1 3rd ed. plastic Ork Warbike - New in box ($10)

1 Gorkamorka metal Deth-Kopta - unassembled and unprimed

2 4th ed. metal Ork Burnas - unassembled and unprimed

1 4th ed. metal Ork Runtherd - unassembled and unprimed

1 4th ed. metal Ghazghull Thraka (aka the big guy)- unassembled and unprimed

3 plastic AoBR Ork Deth-Koptas - NoS ($30)

6 plastic Necron Destroyers w/ gauss cannons - assembled & painted

1 plastic Necron Destroyer w/ heavy gauss cannon - assembled & painted

1 plastic Necron Destroyer Lord w/ spear - assembled & painted

7 plastic servitors (converted from SM scouts) - assembled and primed black

7 DV CSM Chosen and Lord - Assembled & unprimed 

6 DV CSM Chosen and Lord - Assembled & unprimed

6 DV CSM Chosen - Unassembled and unprimed 



Finecast Jabberslythe - Open box, NoS ($60)

Plastic Giant - Open box, NoS ($45)

Plastic Ghorgon/Cygor - New in box ($45)

Plastic Beastmen Battalion (20 Gors, 10 Bestigors, 10 Ungors) - New in box ($80)

3 plastic Night Goblin Fanatics - Open box, NoS ($10)

Storm of Magic book - Mint condition ($50)

15 plastic Night Goblins w/ short bows - assembled, primed black

12 plastic Night Goblins w/ spears - assembled & primed black

11 plastic Night Goblins w/ spears - assembled & painted)

30 plastic Goblins w/ spears (assembled & primed black)

5 plastic Goblins w/ spears (assembled & unprimed)

5 plastic Goblins w/ spears (assembled & partially painted)

1 metal Goblin musician (assembled & painted)

16 plastic Goblin spider riders (assembled & primed black)

5 plastic Goblin spider riders (assembled & partially painted)



Plastic Citadel Woods - New in box ($25)


Epic 40k

12 Ork bonebreakas - partially painted

17 Eldar Falcon grav-tanks - painted


Oddz n' Endz

bag of Warhammer dice

bag of misc. dice

Misc. basing materials (static grass, slate, etc.)

bag of glass beads (used as counters) 

Misc. plasticard sheets

bag of razor wire

4 sheets of flexible thin magnetic stripping (for WFB regiments)

Ordo pint glass

Warhamster Malifaux deck

Battlefoam Malifaux miniature case ($35)

Small plastic miniature carrying case

Plastic painting stand

One Night Ultimate Werewolf board game

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What's the battlefoam malifaux case? And the carrying case?

The BF Malifaux case is the same type as this (specifically, the red one):



The small case is a 10 x 7 x 4 plastic case, intended to hold a small amount of minis (like a Bloodbowl team). There are 2 large slots for big minis and 16 smaller slots for regular sized minis.

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Can I call dibs on that Battle foam case?

Sure! I'll set it aside for you. What time do you plan on being at WOW tomorrow?



I might also be down for that smaller case if it doesn't go at the swap meet. If it's still around after, send me a pic. I've been looking for a slightly bigger case to carry painting projects around in.

I'll let you know after Saturday.  :smile:

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