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FS: Ork Bad Moon Army W: Cash


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Hi Guys


I am looking to sell off my fully painted Bad Moon Orks for cash and will accept decent offers. No Lowballs please.


These are currently in the cabinet at Mythic Realm Games up in Salmon Creek, WA if you would like to go take a look yourself.


Photos are:










Any questions shoot me an email.




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List is:


1 x Stompa

1 x Gorkanaut / Morkanaut (Magnetized head and guns to be able to do both)

1 Mek (newer sculpt)

1 Painboy (newere sculpt)

1 warboss (From Sanctus Reach)

5 Nobz with custom Kromlech Heads

9 Killa Kans

1 dread

1 converted wagon

18 Shoota Boyz (With Nob)

10 grotto with herder

1 trukk

10 slugga / choppa boyz with nob

1 Blitza Bomber

1 Burner Bomber

2 x Fighters


Unpainted bitz i found last night are: 10 Burna Boyz, and 3 deff coptas and a ton of bitz! Also found a forge world Supa Cannon that I mounted onto a wagon conversion that i will throw in as well. 


Army Comes with my bound codex and data cards. 

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Ha ha! I would love to but i need either some more plastic crack or these stupid bits of paper with numbers on them and famous peoples faces. Im cool either way so no pressure to get rid of your stuff. Im probably gonna throw them on eBay in about 2 weeks as my wife wants some space and I'm tired of her nagging so i need to put another one of my armies in the display cabinet up at the shop and have some space at home! 

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