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W: Catachan autocannon team, commisar w/o power wep, traitor guard, H:$, SM/SW/BA bits


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I'm getting the last few bits together for my OFCC army and need a couple minor pieces that I'd prefer to get locally if someone has them available.



I'm looking for:

A Catachan Heavy weapons team with an autocannon or the means to convert an autocannon

A Commisar with a bolt pistol and/or chainsword and no power axe/sword/fist

Cadian guardsmen to be converted to traitor display fodder.

*Aegis Defense Line* Just the actual walls, it doesn't have to have the gun or comms with it.  If nothing affordable turns up I can scratch build something for my catachans to hunker behind while the Angry Marines zerg.



I don't mind stripping paint if that is an issue, and these don't need to be in amazing shape.  PDX area only, I get great mpg, but my car is a beater...

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I actually just won an auction for 3 catachan autocannon teams for $13.50 after shipping, so I can update that need in my first post.  

I need to PM Stoobert today and see about that commissar he has since it could work with some green-stuff on cadian arms as well.  In the event that doesn't work out I'm just looking for cadian slaughter-fodder, a commissar, and an Aegis Defense Line.

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Picked up the commissar last night (Thank you, Stoobert!), he's already soaking in the drink to loosen up paint for some aggressive putty work and primer.  

Updated the first post, just looking for ADL and cheap cadian imperial guard fodder.  Interesting poses, incomplete models, and/or cheap glue is ideal here since they're for a display diorama and will likely be re-positioned to being eviscerated  by or running from marines.

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