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Pillars of Eternity


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It won't do anything after the cut scene or whatever is going on when you leave the first ruin you hide from the wind in for me. I see the guys, and hear the noise, but nothing happens and it just sits there until I go to task manager and kill the process. Frustrating as hell since I loved the old Baldur's Gate games and even the tiny amount i'very even able to play was nostalgic.

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galahad911, I had the same thing happen.


Download the 1.03 update, it was supposed to fix a ton of issues. If that does not do the trick you want to turn off anti-aliasing. I had to do it with the command console, but they said they were adding it in the options (so check there after the update). If it is not there yet load your game, hit tilde to open the command console, hit enter and then type  "msaa 0" and enter again.


That last one did the trick for me, but the forums mentioned a Options option was coming. Good luck.

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