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Corrosive or Biohazard Ammo


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Corrosive is generally better. Bio is cheaper and useful only if you are planning on boarding.

Or if you think you can actually remove the CP to zero without otherwise destroying them.




Certain special weapons and Critical Effects can cause

a model to lose Crew Points as well as Hull Points. This

not only makes the vessel more vulnerable to Boarding

Assaults, but makes it more difficult to effectively

operate the ship’s systems.

When a ship has been reduced to zero Crew Points

it is running with a skeleton crew, which may severely

hamper its effectiveness.

Non-Capital Class models do not have sufficient

redundancies to operate once they have lost this much of

their Crew. A non-Capital model which is reduced to zero

Crew Points is Destroyed and removed from the Board.

If a Capital Class model is reduced to zero Crew, it may

still continue to fight. However, during the Command

Segment of each of its activations it must take a Disorder

Test as described on Page 48).

Only the model with zero Crew Points is affected by

this Disorder Test, any other models in its Squadron may

activate normally whether the Test is passed or failed.

Hazard Markers and Zero Crew

Without Crew available to keep them in check, dangerous

containment leaks and raging fires will start to consume

vital systems and weaken hull integrity.

If a model with Zero Crew fails a Hazard Marker

repair roll it loses ONE Hull Point.

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