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FS: Game Table Top and Folding Table


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Hi there Ordo...so, it has come, the time for me to sadly downsize my gaming space a bit....NOT MUCH mind you...but yes some :)


I need to let go of my 4 x 8 Table top....planning on replacing it with a standard 6 x 4 some day...probably something similar to what we do for Ordo, the 3 pieces that make one table stuff....but anyway, TMI


Here is my gaming table I've had for many years, it has seen a lot of use over time, and has been a great table.  It is a 4' x 8' Folding Foam Table with a grass top.  The dimensions are actually slightly shy of 4' x 8' as the edges taper up...


The grass has a few stains on it, I have actually been covering it with gaming mats as of late.


If you are interested, and want to pick up, I kind of need to get rid of the folding table it is on too.  It is slighly warped.  Works great for supporting the table top, but I wouldn't use it for anything else.


Please let me know if you are intersted.  Thanks!!!


Asking $50 for both the table and table top...if you get the table, you will need to come pick it up.  These sell for $140 brand new, and that is without shipping.





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