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W: Your Junked/Ruined Tanks & Tank Parts H:My Thanks & Assorted Bits

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    You see over the last 15 years I've had to rebuild my Imperial Guard something like four or five times due to one reason or another. Getting the lost infantry replaced is more often than not a snap. As such I've developed into something of a "recycling enthusiast" recently and was hoping some of you fine folks might have any tanks, parts ect. that you might be willing to part with.


    Anything I can get will help and I'm not picky. I've been able to make the most unfieldable hulks and screw ups work. Right now I don't have much to offer but here's the highlights:


- 1 old style Eldar Jet Bike

- 3ish sprues of Empire Militia weapons & arms (incomplete)

- 6ish sets of Empire Militia legs & Torsos

- 5 Earth Shaker Cannons

- 2 or 3 old style metal Sternguard Vets

- More Marine bits than I know what to do with

- 2 IG command squad advisers (Officer of the Fleet & Astropath)

- 4 Classic Metal Cadians(One is a Griffon Crewmen)

- 1 Valhallen Heavy Weapons Crewman

- 1 metal commissar with converted plasma pistol

- 2 plastic cultists first has a flamer & second is converted to have an old Necomunda Las pistol.

- 2 or 3 plastic ork deff kopters (rough shape)


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