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WTS Warhammer Fantasy (& AoW) Dwarves


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Warhammer Dwarves (GW & Avatar of War)
$350 — Shipping to the USA Only

I am looking to sell wholesale this Warhammer Dwarf army. The GW models are assembled in primed while the Avatar of War models are in box new.

Games Workshop Dwarf:
24 Longbeards with Command, Shields and Great Weapons.
40 Longbeards with Command, Shields and Hand Weapon
14 Firedrakes
2 Gyrocopters
1 Thane on Oathstone with Great Weapon
1 Lord on Oathstone with Great Weapon
1 Battle Standard Bearer on Oathstone
1 Runepriest with Great Weapon

Avatar of War Dwarf:
20 Beserkers
3 Bezerker Characters
20 Pathfinders

Images found here:

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