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Old White Dwarves

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I know I've said I'm going to donate a bunch of old White Dwarf magazines before.


But I mean it this time!


I'll be bringing in a tote of them on Tuesday since I have to pick up bits.


They are free to whomever. So those interested in old fluff articles, rules, painting, etc, go ahead and hit them up.

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The above users expressed interest in them. And when I was in the store I mentioned to several club members the these are being donated to the club.


As far as I was concerned they were "officially" donated to the club and in the club's hands now. I figured they'd sort something lol.


If that is not the case let me know, I'm not sure why they were left in the store. I can come pick them up and recycle them I suppose.


P.S. Sorry about the box rip, it kinda broke in transport.

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Well... Id say at this point there's a couple choices to be made.


Good thing the club is more organized and stuff now.


Either someone from the club picks them up until you guys figure out what you want to do.




They get thrown out. Which is a real shame since there is more than old WDs in there. Liber Chaotica, old codecies, etc.

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