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New project opinions

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So, I am working on a 4 horseman of the Chaos Gods. What I need opinions on are, how would would build each of these horsemen?










Now I can probably get the Khorne rider, as a very war mongering lad, the Nurgle is that of pestilence. Now how about the other 2? Also I should say, that I would love to see one of these riders a female rider.

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Slaanesh as Famine. Emaciated as hell, but still whipcord strong and fast as a snake.


That leaves Tzeentch as Death. I don't have any really strong imagery here, but maybe do a fairly classic Death (black robes, pale horse, scythe, you know), and have little flares of warpflame flickering off and/or faces worked subtly in (either cut faces off other models and put them on the robes/horse, painted to blend in rather than stand out, or if you're up to it, just freehand them in very low-contrast colours).


Honestly, I could see any of them as being female. Slaanesh is probably the classic go-to here, but some kind of blood drenched Valkyrie for Khorne, or a rotting crone of Nurgle, or a female Tzeentch/Death could all totally work.

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Yeah, do them all female. 'Cause why not?


Also, I bet you could make that Tzeentch logo into a scythe that doubled as a staff of change.


Anyway, this does seem like potentially a very artistic project, as in one that displays your personal incarnation of what each (rage, desire, change, decay) would look like. So, while you could be bland and make each look like a very traditional take on the chaos gods, you could also just get each to look as incarnations of those gods without the often too used GW markings.


In example, if I were to do Khorne, I'd probably go with a martha stewart looking woman with clear facial rage, a sharp, but clean knife, and maybe an apron. She'd look like rage and you could see the blood thirst, but I wouldn't have any blood because it's just been done too much. Or maybe she'd be driving a car....

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My theme is the 4 Horseman of Chaos. So I just wanted ideas on riders and mounts. Do you think that the warhorses of the chaos knights work or should these be the wraith rider horses?

Fine, keep it bland ;)


The new plastic chaos knights would work, I think. You'd want to paint each model with a bit of conversion, making the slaanesh one look more vain/pretty/my little pony, the khorne one more rabid, the nurgle one more unkempt/rotten/mistreated, and the tzeentch one should be somehow in a state of change, perhaps do the back end as if made of living fire and the front end as a fleshy horse, as if transforming from fire to horse.


Riders would be more or less the same.

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