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LF spare set of claws from the tyrannafex kit?


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Hello there,


I just checked my bits box for 'nids and couldn't find any crab claws.  Which is weird because I *know* I had a sammich baggie full o' claws and big spikey parts.


I am going to look in other areas because now I'm puzzled as to where they might be.


Will contact you if/when I find them!


Stay safe,



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Update:  I looked and looked and can't find the aforementioned sammich bag o' claws!  And I *know* that they're here because I let some local gamers take from the same bag not too long ago.


I will keep looking, as now I'm peeved at myself for misplacing them.

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Thanks for the offer but don't really wanna pay $7.50 for them.

It's not my site. It's just my go-to when I can't get it locally.



Thanks guys! Managed to find a set from a fellow Ordo!


Thanks again




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