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Lego/Brick Wargames

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My son is wanting to play Lego Games like my brother and I used to play as kids.  The rules were pretty much 3rd Edition 40k, so rather than dealing with teaching him an old edition of 40k, I decided to look up Lego Wargames on Google and see what I came up with, as I never bothered doing so prior.  Any interesting games I come across or write ups that happen, I'll post here.  If any of you have legos still, and get involved, please share.  :)  

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Most Current Rules (WIP?) http://brikwars.com/rules/2010/cover.htm

Previous Editions http://brikwars.com/wiki/index.php?title=Downloads


Subsequent Editions start becoming more complex, introducing more types of Minifigs.  Not sure if the Points Costs are balanced or not, as the game is "intended" to be played with whatever you bring for entertainments sake as opposed to winning, because when everyone is having fun maiming minifigures and blowing up brick tanks while reassembling them with parts of that wrecked airplane to make a hoverplatform to try to get back in the game....


At a glance, the points system, or establishing points costs for weapons, is a bit tricky.  A lot of bookkeeping involved.  Same with "Constructions" which are your Vehicles and Buildings, but not your Horse type Vehicles (Motorcycles, for an example).  

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