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Sgt Telion Counts as?


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Hi Guys


Question - I am running an Imperial fists army at present and have converted a Sgt Telion model to use as my scout sgt.


Is it OP to run him as Sgt Telions stats and profile and pay the Telion cost for use in a Imperial fists army? Replacing chapter tactics and doctrine to IF rather than UM's?


Would this be allowed? Is it a case of just asking my opponent if its ok? 





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One of the big gating factors on the army construction for Marines depends on chapter tactics with in the formation being the same. So be careful. You would not be able to consider a 10th company auxiliary formation the required one for a gladius strike force of they have different chapter tactics from the demi company. It is spelled out all models have to have the same. These are the choices you make to get benefits.


If going unbound sky is the limit kid!

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