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Mollyfox game #2, Zoraida vs. Molly


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Joel and I got our second game in last night (making it 2.5 games for us).


Once again, we noobishly just fought in the middle while forgetting our schemes. Only this time, Joel figured out how to combo Molly and Punk Zombies up to completely crush my face (our first game, he only had one assembled, and it was deployed, so he was summoning crooligans instead).


My Crew:


Juju with Eternal Fiend

3 Waldgeists

1 Silurid


His Crew:



2 Punk Zombies

1 Crooligan

A bunch more SS


Strategic was table quarters, we both picked 'protect territory' as schemes, I also picked 'distract'. I conceded before he revealed his second scheme.


I noobishly pushed forward on my turn 1, thinking that with my trees and juju, I'd be able to clump up with my trees and tank him while putting distracts down, using my silurid to either put distracts on Molly and Phillip or to claim/contest quarters.


Then Joel began crushing my face. His strat was nice: he dropped schemes with his crooligan and Phillip, getting ready to start slurping them back up with Phillip to pull enough cards to get lots of crows for Molly. In the first few turns, he used his extra SS to add crows to his summons. Because I was clumped, he was able to pop a necrotic and punk zombie with lots of health right in my dudes, while also body blocking for Molly.


Our last game, we didn't remember you could SS for suits, so his summons were rarely happening due to not enough high crows.


Black blood and Molly's summon pulse hurts Waldgeists and their armor 2 in a major, major way! Add double 0 actions, cheats and SS to get both the reactivate AND the 1 action bonus off, and his punk zombie started spinning his katanas to further crush my face.


By the end of turn 3, I had 2 Waldgeists left (one almost dead), and Zoraida was down to a single wound remaining! He had lost his original punk zombies, but had a punk zombie and crooligan summon engaged with Zoraida.


So in summary, don't clump vs. Molly! Punk Zombie spinja summon is wicked, wicked, wicked!


I'll remember next time not to leave guys so he can get a Punk Zombie summon near two dudes :)

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Yeah, I expect our games will be a bit one-sided while we learn how to play our crews, how to handle different strategies/schemes, and how to make the best of a bad cheat hand.


For example, with Zor, I can actually make use of low cheats by ensuring I can Hem my own guys or throttle my own voodoo doll.

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If you're attacking your own models you don't have to resist if you don't want to. The duel is considered won by the attacker with an even duel result. The defender doesn't get defensive triggers in this case however, so the only time you'd flip to resist in friendly vs friendly duels is if you want a defensive trigger or if the difference in final duel totals matters and you don't want a tied result. Knowing is half the battle!

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