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Adding on to 2 player starter


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So I know nothing about Malifaux, but I've always been interested in it. Now that I'm not pouring all of my time into Fantasy, I was thinking about getting the 2 player starter set when it drops; something to give me a run-down of the game, something I can demo out to the wife and others, and hopefully something I can add onto. My hope is that I can pick up the starter, then pick up the "real" rulebook, along with a starter box or two and have a good launching off point.


The Guild doesn't interest me very much, and outside of the C. Hoffman starter there isn't one that I would be "excited" to pick up. The Neverborn, on the other hand, appeal to me quite a bit. Jakob Lynch seems the coolest to me, although The Dreamer and Zoradia are both need looking. I'm mainly curious what is going to "mesh" well with the box contents, and if there are any starters that just wouldn't work for them at all. If that was the case, I would probably just hold onto my $65 and put it towards something else.

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There are some good models in both factions of the starter box, which you could find a use for in most crews once you start expanding your collection. Also note that all the models in the starter box are Mercenary models and can be hired by any faction (+1ss cost to hire out of faction). All told it's a great value with the fate decks, measuring tapes, and a download for a digital copy of the full rules manual.

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