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Stolen Space Marine Army (Seattle) (Repost from Dakka)


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I am writing this post with a heavy heart today.  I am visiting the Seattle area this past week attending TSHFT and am flying to DC next weekend for the NOVA Open.  Unfortunately while visiting up in the Pacific Northwest my car was broken into last night and my entire army was stolen.  I am posting in the forums here in hopes that if anyone by chance sees this army floating around somewhere maybe they could post a response on here and I might have a chance at getting some of it back.  The army was a Firehawks chapter of Space Marines.  There were about 60 Imperial Guard Steel Legion style models in it, as well as about 25 Legion of the Damned with custom greenstuff flame work on the models and bases.  The tanks have tread plating on them and some battle damage converted onto them.  I am including a picture of the tournament army part of what was in the case from this past weekend at TSHFT.  Thank you for any help you might be able to give.






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