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hello everybody, 

i will be graduating from ohsu with my master's degree in biochemistry/molecular biology in the next two weeks(hurray!) and am currently sending the resume in any and every direction hoping for something to stick!  If anyone has any connections or just suggestions i would be very appreciative!  I should also note that my background is in a lot of clinical laboratory settings, but my recent schooling is a focus in IEH(institude of environmental health) so now i have a knowledge in microbial/environmental research!

thanks for any and all suggestions!  feel free to send me a pm as well!




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reaching boiling point now... 2 weeks til i make decision(30 days notice to landlord) to move back to iowa as we cant really pay the absurd rent anymore :( so if anyone knows of any occupations that fit my descriptions(or heck anything really..) let me know or if you haven any connections!   ive now put in probably between the 300-400 application range in pdx and have only had 1 interview. i was able to get a job with a bachelors degree easily in iowa but cant even get a sniff here with a MS from OHSU... its depressing! 

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I asked the Biologists and Environmental Resources people I work with and they didn't know of any employment opportunities off hand, but suggested checking the Oregon Health Authority, USA Jobs website and Texas A&M job board (this one has a lot of various science type jobs).  

thanks man.  ive gone through OHA and USAJOBS but havent heard of texas a&m so ill check that out!  thanks again for asking around!  appreciate it!

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