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new guy and a x-wing IG-88

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So super new to the game only played 2 times so far and want to play in the local tournament. Thinking of a aggressor list. Need input on if it looks solid, mostly passive skills so I don't have to time the bonuses. Not looking to win skill will take out the best list built by a noob, but just trying not to embarrass myself.


IG-88D and C



auto thrusters

mangler cannon

Fire control system


Idea is to use pred for killing any swarms or junk blocker ships.

auto thrusters for the defence with the idea of boost and getting a free evade token

fire control gives a free target lock to go with my focus if i don't boosed


Downside to this build as I see it are

stress will keep me from using my fancy red maneuvers and getting the free evade

ion will mess up my ability to keep ships in arc

2 ships is limited on how much damage I can take and dish out

ok this list was a combination of 2 lists i seen online 


Thank you for reading and replying 

TW Haines

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I'd swap D for B, for a number of reasons:


IG-88 B is the popular choice for the built in Gunner-like ability, but you get that a little from Predator.  I think B is a better choice than D in general as you get a great ability (with Predator rerolls on both shots BTW) without the drawback of taking Stress. 


Stress is the enemy of many ships - IGs are certainly high on that list.  The Stress is going to mess up your action economy gained from C.  There may be a time or two where you will wish you could do your S-loop with the turn instead of bank, but my money is on the fact that the second attacks will pay off a lot more than the maneuver (assuming you fly halfway decent anyway).


Ion isn't too big a deal as it takes 2 Ion tokens to cause ionization on a big based ship.  Unless, of course, your local meta is prolific with Ion.  If that's the case focus fire down the Ion ships one at a time as soon as you can.  Likely you will have the PS advantage there and hopefully won't have to worry about it too much for more than a turn or two.


Other than that it looks like fun!  FCS is money as that gravy train just keeps on rolling and Manglers are also good.  Remember that Autothrusters only work out of arc and/or at range 3, so keep your distance a bit.  Boosting will help with this as well as help keep targets in your arc.  And it's also useful to run if you have too lol.

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Up to you.  There are other good ones, but Predator is useful here as well.  The card says "may", so you don't have to reroll if you don't want.  You could just take the hits you roll and try to draw an enemy evade token.  They have to roll their green dice so if they cancel your hits use the reroll from the pilot ability.  If your enemy has only one agility you may wish to reroll regardless as they won't be able to stop them all.


I'd say leave it and see how it works out for you.

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I'd take either fire control system or predator, but not both. They both allow re-rolls of red dice and you stack re-rolls.


Combos I like are:

-Predator+Adv Sensors

-Predator+Sensor Jammer (more powerful than ever with TLTs everywhere)

-Fire Control System+intimidation (they bump a lot)

-Fire control system+expert handling


As great as IG-B is though, his stock is probably going down a little bit. People seem very concerned about 4 Y-wings with TLTs. Also with Hounds Tooth, Palpmobile shuttles, and decimators all pretty common, there are a lot of low agility ships around. IG-B doesn't trigger much there.


When he shines, he's still the best of them, but I don't think he'll be getting as many favorable matchups as he used to.

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