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Figure Bases in AoS


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So I understand that bases do not matter in AoS, but what are people's thoughts on converting existing models over to rounds and ovals? First off I think they look great and that's coming from a long time square baser who always poked fun at the "silly round basers"! What size are we generally going to use? Some models are easy like Ogres and Trolls who are on 40mm square and can transfer straight to equivalent round 40mm. Chaos and Orcs are also easy at 25mm but it would appear that the AoS starter has the Chaos boys on 32mm? What do we do with the Elves, Dwarfs and Men who are on 20mm now? I don't believe there is an equivalent 20mm round made, but maybe there is. I honestly have not done my research here. I guess that means they move over to 25mm? What about characters do they go on a certain size or whatever looks the best? Seems like the round bases have a ton more sizes than the squares.

So this is really just my musings on what others are doing. I plan on switching over-slowly. The painted stuff may stay on squares since that's how they were finished. Kinda like nostalgia and all that but the rest is going to change. Again, I realize that bases are not supposed to matter but I think that visually the game will look better if we had some structure to the base sizes especially if people start to house rule that bases will be used for in game measuring.

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Its all personal preference now if you like the uniformity of all your models being on the same type base then certainly go for it,I can see myself changing some bases over for a large event like OFCC so my models would display better but other than that,I have no plans to make any changes.


As far as the size goes it doesn't matter because rules as written state model to model measurement.Just keep in mind that for the most part we don't stack on bases when we play but if someone were to make a huge base for a smallish model then say no one with a 1" range can hit me in CC then of course that would be an issue..again,not gonna happen within Ordo but outside of us,anything goes.To be safe I would just keep sizes within reason and fairly close to what they were shipped with:)


I recently built my Nagash model and noted that it was shipped with a warped plastic base(rectangle) so I fabbed one up out of 1/8 " ply and put a 1/2 radius on each corner to give it a unique and functional base.Also Im planning to run my Araknarok OnG Spider this week,he was built a long time ago but I never mounted him as his legs stick out beyond the base it came with and now that AoS is out,im thinking I will probably not mount him at all,Though ill probably make a display base for him to set on in the case.

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I will not replace bases for my existing armies.  They are painted and add to the look of my army.  Plus, I spent a lot of money on the custom bases for my Dwarf army.


For any future projects, I'm not really sure.  For a smaller force, sure round bases would be nice; however, since you can still rank up models while you move them across the table, square bases still serve a function.

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