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Looking For Game - Dark-Age


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hmmm Hey - I like the outcasts - and am looking to getting Brood.  I have Core as well - and in the test games with my son I have played CORE each time.  I'm hoping to switch it up with Brood when I get them.  Rules are simple and FREE… cards are also downloadable (free).  Exactly, the different factions - special abilities and the chemistry between it all is where it gets complex.  2-3 seems about right for a smaller game … 300pts.


I just love the sculptures… the minis (the near gens) are great.  The rules are simple for just a fun game.  I've only had 2 games - but as soon as I get my other factions built I will let you know if you want to borrow or proxy some.  I would say - 2 weeks (first parts of feb) we could throw down sometime if you up for it.



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OK - I won an ebay for some cool Brood and Dragyri - so in a couple weeks I should be able to have those ready to play with.  I printed out their cards this morning.  I am pretty sure I can get to 500pts for each faction now.  Next stage for me after getting the figures ready to go is getting some dedicated terrain done for Dark-Age… as well as for some other games.


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