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So what the avg. army playing at?

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I would say the best gauge we are using right now is between 6-8 Warscrolls,mainly due to the scenarios calling for between 4-8 Warscrolls.


The comp scores I come up with using OrdoComp have been around 35 to 40 with an 8 Warscroll list but we haven't been doing any real comp targets yet.


If someone has just a starter set army I usually just match their warscroll count:)

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I kinda like how the Lords of War Tournament ran this past summer in Canada.  Each player had 15 War Scrolls max to build an army from.  For each game the players choose 8-10 War Scrolls with a max of 25 wounds per scroll, 80 wounds total in the army, 1-3 characters, 0-2 Warmachines and Monsters.  This allows some customization between games depending on opponents army and scenario.

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Anybody looked at the UK Independent Pool and Clash Comp?  These comp rules have had some European tournaments ran against them with interesting results.  They are located on the Warhammer Forums.


Just briefly looked that stuff over and already can see that its a very well put together tournament format.


Their explanation of how pile in should work should be the game standard right there!


Ill check out the comp when I get home from work.


Nice find Gamer Geek!

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Checking over the comp point system I can see its very mild.Personally I wouldn't have gone with all the .5 point stuff and would have preferred they just made all the ratings whole numbers,sticking with the fractions will make it that much harder as they fine tune it.Overall I would prefer OrdoComp or SDK.


I didn't pick up on the one race thing Steel,,but yeah that needs to be listed as being from one of the 4 factions.Also ive yet to hear of anyone expoiting the "unkillable save" or "Cant miss" attacking in any batrep,its usually just someone talking about how it "could be done" using various buff trains..overall I think its hyperbole and likely one of those things that if someone were to pull off in a game they would need to have a "perfect storm" sort of situation or setup.That being said I can see why some TO`s like to have it in just in case,but yeah I don't see much of a reason for it either.

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