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Ghoul Stars Crusade: Narrative Campaign ideas


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Hey hey fellow gamers!

So our Monday Red Castle group has been going like gangbusters, and having a blast with the Gamermancy narrative campaign. However, as the campaign begins to draw to a close, we were thinking of doing another narrative campaign. So I thought to myself, "Self, what kind of fun ideas would we have for the campaign?" With that said, a zombie survival scenario, and some kill-team came to mind. 


But what else could be included? And that is where you come in. Does anyone here have some neato ideas or scenarios that they were always itching to try but were never able to? Things you thought would feel grimdark, but prepping for the next tournament didn't give you time?


Well guess what?! Now is your time to shine! Post your ideas, and help us has out the next grimdark tale of a future where there is only war! And of course, when the campaign goes live we would be happy for you to pick a side. :D

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