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Lias Issodon and his 3 buddy squads

IW Raptors

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Pretty straightforward question, Lias issodon allows you to infiltrate 3 squads and himself. Pretty nifty. From the space marine cad, which units really like infiltrate that don't have it?


My 1st thought, is that large squads with allot of models get the most from it in terms of sheer force projection through numbers and the most amount of modals picking up infiltrate. So full tactical marines or Dev squads for example. Obviously the Devs can pick the shorter range weapon choices such as multi melta or grav due to infiltrate and pump out more bang for your buck.


Tactical marines outside of the battle company seem to get dissed allot, but three full tac squads with obsec, a grav cannon, plasma gun and infiltrate don't seem terrible to me on paper, considering raptor bolter fodder also get rendering guns if they stay still, so at least if your shooting a tough target with the heavy and special, they won't go to waste.


I guess alternatively, bikes or centurions with grav and infiltrate are just that much better, although I'm not sure raptor tactics really suit them.


Any thoughts on running Lias would be greatly appreciated.

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Thanks, I guess you can never go too far wrong with grav cents!


Pity about the modals..


As an aside, what do people think about Lias and using legion of the damned as allies? His abilities on paper really help them, but in general, I don't hear much about Lotd and never face them myself. They seem solid for a unit I never see..

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