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New Armada Player Looking for Game

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Hello all,


I just got my Armada start set, may pick up another ship or two soon, and was wondering if anyone wanted to get a game in with a new player?  I live down in Milwaukie, but don't mind driving nearly anywhere, I play at WoW, and Guardian the most.  I prefer to play in the early afternoon, either Saturday or Sunday, but am open to another time if it is more convenient for you.


If anyone is interested or knows of a new player friendly weekly store games, just let me know.


Thanks and see you at a gaming table soon,


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I also play but haven't got a game in ages. 300 pts use to be the standard but apparently with the new large ships they are increasing it to 400. But most people will play either I bet. A good way to get a handle on it is to go through the intro. The game is surprisingly pretty easy to pick up after you start playing!

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Good to know, and while it won't be a tourney list or anything, slapping on upgrades seems to a pretty good way to get the points up fairly quickly. Especially for the imperials.


Thanks for all the advice and help if anyone is headed to Portland gaming store tonight say hey, I will be the new guy.. ☺

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